AnTai Engineering Limited (ATE) is established by a team of professionals highly skilled in managing hazardous work environment, especially those with exposure of high H2S concentrations and other safety alert at workplaces. The company is registered in Hong Kong, and has its regional office based in Singapore. With proven records in serving the oil and gas industry associated with field operations of well drilling, well completion, well work-over as well as well productions where the concentration of H2S needs to be closely monitored in order to prevent life-threatening leaks and explosion hazards, ATE works around the clock to offer clients with integrated solutions and to delivery customized services to your total satisfaction.

ATE Core Values:

  • Achieve highest HSE Management Standards in the oil and gas industry;
  • Technology-focused solutions;
  • Environmental- consciousness work strategies.

ATE Mission Statement:

  • Promote HSE management concepts into the daily operational life of oil and gas industry;
  • Protect the life and asset integrity of clients with leading-edge products and well-trained Professional services;
  • Provide proven experience to ensure zero-tolerance of any safety threats and alerts.

HSE Ethical Principles:

ATE ensures that the safety of personnel and asset integrity of clients is always taken as the top priority in its routine management systems. ATE also ensures that clients are offered with innovative and cost-effective solutions through strict complies with laws and HSE regulations.

To accomplish the goals and objectives stated above, ATE shall:

  • Strictly abide by applicable laws and HSE regulations
  • Fully integrate HSE management systems with specific requirements of oilfield operational sites and categorized operations
  • Highly respect the sensitivity of local and regional cultures and management policies
  • Effectively manage personnel in charge and maintain good working conditions of all HSE equipment and facilities operating at field locations
  • Efficiently develop a work system to ensure adequate monitoring of the operational crews, subcontractors, operational tools and equipment to prevent any violations of HSE codes and conducts
  • Immediately respond to any emergencies and disruptions according to HSE management procedures and reporting policies
  • Proactively update new technology applications
  • Continuously improve quality management skills and HSE management standards